"Kelly O'Brien Rooney passed away on July 11, 2006 after a courageous, four-year battle with breast cancer. She was 43 years old, and along with her husband, she was raising five children under the age of 15.

If you were around Kelly, you were going to have fun because she was often up to shenanigans. Kelly's humor kept her afloat during chemo and radiation. This incredible quality made her treatment process bearable. There were plenty of tears...but there were WAY more smiles and belly laughs. Kelly was truly was a "Glass Half Full" person....and we took her lead.

In one of her funny moods, Kelly came up with the team name: SAVE 2ND BASE (get it?). During our 60 mile trek, the shirts brought smiles and laughter to many of our fellow walkers and cheerleaders.

We miss Kel every day. Our goal is simple: Save 2nd Base shirts bring a smile or a laugh to anybody who may be experiencing the tremendous heartache and challenges that Cancer presents. This includes the patient, survivor, caregiver, spouse, sibling, etc."

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